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Foli Invest ltd. is established in 2004 and its head office is in the town of Plovdiv. Its basic business activity is investing in projects related to construction of office buildings, residential and trade site projects. The building plans have been carried out in the towns of Plovdiv, Sofia, and in some of the most famous Bulgarian holiday resorts - Pamporovo, Chepelare, Velingrad.

Over ten projects of big and average scopes of investments have been successfully accomplished till now. They are several residential buildings in the towns of Plovdiv, Peshtera, and in the region of Batak Dam Lake, and foli Center - an office building with shops in the center of Plovdiv.

GREEN WEST, one of the newest residential complexes in Plovdiv built up by Koev Ltd. construction company is realized according to a project of Foli Invest.

One of the most attractive complexes in Chepelare - Rodopi houses holiday village, situated next to the future ski lift, is going to be completed in 2008.

One of the basic future business activities of the Company is purposed to construction of business centers of the type of trade and administrative complexes, in some of which residential areas are included. Such trade and administrative complexes are Cherni Vrah in Sofia and Bulldozer in Plovdiv, whose projects have been accomplished and their realization is launching.

In relation to a long-term plan, hotel complexes are going to be designed and built up in Pamporovo holiday resort and Velingrad City, and for that purpose the necessary plots have been purchased.

We aim in our work to reply to all requirements for quality of materials and precision in fulfillment and that is why we work together with proven professionals of the branch.

Our target is to develop projects, that are adequate to the market conditions and to prove their effectiveness in the future.
It is also a part of our strategy for long-tem development and recognition as an experienced company in the area of real estates.

Foli invest ltd
Cherni Vrah

The "Black Peak" complex, is located at the entrance of living estate Dragalevtzi, in the city of Sofia, distanced 500m. From the Ring Road and 300 meters from shop "Fantastico". Situated on a corner plot with its 70 m. Length, facing "Black Peak" blvd., having a local road between the buil [ ... ]

Rodopi Houses

Today’s Bulgarians invite you visit their nation. And they especially encourage you to travel to the mystical and magical Rhodoppi Mountains. There, you’ll find Chepelare, the town with the highest altitude in Bulgaria, at just over 1 100 m altitude. Chepelare is situated on both sides o [ ... ]